For hours you've been sitting on your bike suffering from the heat, but you don't want to risk your success by having a rest. And now with the summit in sight you realize that you are running out of steam. With your last ounce of strength you manage it, because you just wanted to make it.

All right! You've excelled yourself. An exciting experience, but during the following steep run downhill, which was thought to be the culmination of the tour, you suffer almost more than during the ascent.

Just a moment! That's not the right way of doing it. The way up should be a pleasure. And you should be able to cycle easily without getting utterly exhausted. Having arrived right at the top you can enjoy the wonderful view there and forget you everyday stress - all negative thoughts are fading away. Now you are in the right mood to enjoy your descent on real flow-trails.

It's our aim to offer you exciting tours, gorgeous landscapes and to enable you to arrive at a cosiderable sporting achievement. All this can be carried out by respecting nature and those exceptionally beautiful areas.

Welcome to FLOWRIDE - your provider of mountainbike-adventures with the extra portion of Flow!